April 17, 2024

SERPA Media Group Announces Book of Slots, a New Community Platform for Gamblers and Streamers

SERPA Media Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new platform for online slot players and streamers, Book of Slots. The company is taking its customers beyond just regular gaming. The Book of Slots platform is now publicly available as of April 4th.

For some time now, SERPA has been paying close attention to the iGaming industry while developing streaming brand “Lucky Latvian.” During this experience, the company noticed important insights that marketing professionals barely avert their minds to, mostly because they don’t play casino games. The goal was to understand the best way to optimize social interaction and community building among gamblers, and the company got everything they needed.

There are a ton of outstanding features to look out for on the new Book of Slots platform. First, it offers an opportunity to play casino games and chat with other players. That way, punters can message friends or random community members and discuss the games in real-time.

In addition, gamblers don’t have to keep those proud wins to themselves anymore. Every big achievement a player hits can be shared with the gambling community on Book of Slots. Players can also keep track of how other gamblers are faring in their favorite games by tracking their biggest wins here. Every player can collect user points and increase their level to reach the Book of Slots leaderboard.

Also, you can now watch popular streamers and even stream your own games. Whether you are a consumer or a creator, there is room for everyone here. 

Beyond just the community and the fun, there are real-life rewards for using this platform.

Playing casino games can be a lot of fun, but it becomes a lot more entertaining when there is a community of players to share the experience with. This is what the team was going for when developing the idea of the online slots & streamers community platform, Book of Slots. Here are a few words from SERPA’s management about the new community platform and what users can expect in the coming days. 

At SERPA Media Group, we’re always in search of new and innovative ideas to implement in our websites and products, and Book Of Slots is one of them. Book of Slots offers both streamers and gamblers a way to better connect when it comes to playing slots, sharing wins, and communicating. We aim to build an all-in-one global brand that is fun and adds more value to the industry and its players, unlike the thousands of toplist websites that we see everywhere. We will continue to develop and grow Bookofslots.com, and we are confident that Book of Slots will improve every day!

Martins Tanne

CEO / SERPA Media Group

[email protected]

I’m excited to introduce our latest endeavor, Book of Slots. It represents more than just another addition to our SERPA Media Group portfolio; it emphasizes our commitment to innovation and user-centric design in the online gaming industry. With cutting-edge features, Book of Slots enhances the experience for both streamers and gamblers. Our objective is to create a comprehensive global brand that prioritizes enjoyment and value for our users. We’re not just building a platform; we’re in focus to forging an immersive online community where players can deeply immerse themselves in the world of online slots.

Kārlis Millers

CTO / SERPA Media Group

[email protected]